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Holly’s Dog Health Booster

We have two options for you to chose from. We have our alternaRAW original formula and our ORGANics line. They both provide comparable nutrition, but the alternaRAW ORGANics line contains slowly dehydrated organic beef liver, beef heart and turkey gizzards. This organic organ formula is concentrated and comprises the first three ingredients. The organs are slowly dehydrated at low temperatures and in small batches over 10 hours to ensure all the harmful bacteria and pathogens are eradicated, without denaturing the highly digestible nutrition. This organ, superfood and probiotic dog topper is the perfect addition to any meal, for an optimal diet.

Holly’s dog health booster, alternaRAW, is dedicated in loving memory to Holly. Holly lost her life early, due to a heart condition which could have easily been prevented with an optimal diet. Unfortunately, commercially mass produced products have one goal in mind and that is profits; a goal that directly conflicts with optimal health and wellness. Holly aims to change that and see that no dog dies unnecessarily before their time again. Her health booster alternaRAW, covers every facet of canine health from heart, to digestive, joint, immunity, longevity, mental acuity and even allergies. Her formula contains whole food nutrition, with no cost saving filler ingredients whatsoever.

Here at alternaRAW we believe in providing the best nutrition possible. Holistic nutrition is important not only for the happiness and energy of your dog, but their long term health and wellness as well. With alternaRAW you know that your dog is getting the best whole food nutrition available. Whole food nutrition is paramount. Synthetic chemicals and additives are no substitute for the fragile antioxidants and enzymes only found in whole foods. Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent illness and can even help prevent cancer. The vitamins and minerals from our natural superfoods, are more bioavailable and ready for absorption and use by the body. Synthetic nutrition created in a lab, like the synthetic vitamins and minerals added to dry food, are no where near as effective as whole food. They add this synthetic nutrition because the kibble is extruded at extremely high temperatures, killing the nutrition of the often sub-par ingredients as it is.

We put the best ingredients on the planet into alternaRAW. Your dog will not only be getting all of the nutrition he would normally find in the wild from a raw diet, but a combination of the best ingredients from all over the world! See the alternaRAW difference in your dog today. No matter which formula you chose, there is no difference in the nutrition provided. Both the alternaRAW original formula and ORGANics formula are rich in protein, unique free radical fighting antioxidants with a very high ORAC score; goji berry and moringa, taurine (DCM), COQ10 and omega 3 for heart health, pumpkin and probiotics for digestion, glucosamine and turmeric for joints, reishi mushroom and colostrum for seasonal, food and skin allergies, coconut oil for skin, coat and mental acuity and more! Long lasting and concentrated; it will last for months and months. No cheap fillers are added, every ingredient is all natural and top of the line. For ideal results on the wide array of holistic health benefits; use daily. No need to buy twelve different products to support your dogs optimal health and wellness, we put it all into one!

Feeding Recommendations and Duration:

The 10 oz size of the original formula will last dogs under 50 pounds for at least six months and dogs over 50 pounds for at least three months; when administered daily. The 5 oz size will last dogs under 50 pounds for at least three full months and dogs over 50 pounds for at least one and a half months; when administered daily. The ORGANics formula lasts half the amount of time as the original. To use mix with wet food, dry food with a healthy oil (olive, salmon, flaxseed, coconut) or dry food with a small amount of warm water or both and stir (mix). 

Holly’s Mission:

We have put the best ingredients on the planet into alternaRAW, so that your canine has the safest and healthiest life possible on a wallet friendly budget. Our holistic and all natural whole food nutrition focuses on the maximum and not the bare minimum AAFCO requirements. More than human grade, all of our ingredients were intended for human consumption. We were unfortunately unable to save our beloved Holly in time. We trusted that she was getting ample nutrition. It turned out however, that this was not the case. It wasn’t until we lost Holly, that we learned just how inadequate her ‘AAFCO approved’ nutrition was. Fortunately for our other dog, Sol, we know now. Sol is 15 years old and other than some mild hip mobility issues, is in perfect health. He is well past the life expectancy of a Golden Retriever his size. We have Holly to thank for that and it is our goal to help as many dogs as possible, to ensure nobody has to unnecessarily lose their beloved friend again. This is our mission. This is Holly’s mission.

Send us a photograph of the alternaRAW difference in your dog today. Email to holly@alternaRAW.com. Please be sure to include their name or names. Thanks.

alternaRAW Original Formula 10 oz

Our Original Formula is for those who prefer to save a little money. The nutrition of each formula is basically the same, however the Original Formula is lower in price and requires a daily feeding amount that is half that of the ORGANics formula. It is high protein, though not as high as the ORGANics line and high fiber. It is also full of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, polyphenols, phytonutrients and more.

alternaRAW ORGANics Formula 10 oz

Our ORGANics forumula is for those who prefer the benefits of added concentrated organ nutrition and do not require high fiber. The top ingredients are beef liver, beef heart, turkey gizzard and beef bone broth. ORGANICS is higher in protein, but lower in fiber. It is high protein, low fat, medium fiber and full of antioxidants, enzymes, polyphenols, amino acids, phytonutrients and more. The organs are slowly dehydrated in small batches at low temperatures over 10 hours.

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