Beef Heart

Beef Heart: Beef heart is the second ingredient. Beef heart contains CoQ10. CoQ10 is the last ingredient and is extremely important to the function of organs with a high demand for oxygen, mainly the heart and brain. CoQ10 is normally found in beef heart in the raw diet. Small dogs will receive 30 mg per serving and large dogs will receive 60 mg per serving. CoQ10 has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of heart disease and improve heart function. It also may help promote healthier gums and protect against periodontal disease. Since 80% of all dogs exhibit some stage of periodontal disease by age 2, this is an extremely beneficial component, but still cannot completely replace tooth brushing. CoQ10 can also help improve renal and immune function. Beef heart is packed with protein and a set of unique nutrients. Along with essential amino acids that help build muscle, beef heart contains iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc. These minerals and trace-minerals are vital for multiple important functions including the oxygen transport throughout your canine’s body, the reduction of oxidative stress, a healthy bone structure and the provision of cell energy. It too is high in protein, low in fat and rich in nutrients and essential amino acids and fatty acids. The beef heart is organic, non-gmo and grass fed.