Dehydrated Pumpkin

Dehydrated Pumpkin: This fourth ingredient hardly needs any introduction. It is widely known that pumpkin is great for canine digestive health and for good reason. It is a great source of fiber which helps promote regularity. Pumpkin is particularly ideal for dog’s who eat the same food every day, for every meal. Without any variety, these dogs are very easily prone to digestive upset when anything new is introduced. Pumpkin can provide relief for minor digestive upset. In addition to the rich and cream flavor of pumpkin dogs love, rich amounts of Vitamin A and Zinc can improve their skin and coat. Its Vitamin C concentration can also boost immune health. In addition, holistic vets will often prescribe this natural remedy as a means to help control parasites. Pumpkin has high amounts of the amino acid cucurbitacin, which is toxic to many dog parasites. 

Pumpkin has several health benefits for dogs, especially those that suffer from diarrhea. Discover the benefits of pumpkin for dogs here.