Organic Goji Berries

Dehydrated Organic Goji Berries: The fifth ingredient is Organic Goji Berries. They are filled with Vitamin C, which is ideal for immune health. They have high levels of calcium and iron, which all pup’s need plenty of. The calcium helps promote bone and teeth health. The iron helps generate healthy red blood cells; hemoglobin and myoglobin. These cells are crucial for transporting oxygen through the blood. Healthy levels of iron also prevent iron deficient anemia. Goji Berries also have zinc and selenium. The zinc helps aids in cell replication, healing wounds and building the immune system. Selenium plays a very significant role in optimal canine nutrition. This mineral has antioxidant properties which decelerate cell aging caused by oxidation. The fiber in Goji Berries helps to regulate their digestive system. Lastly, Goji is very high in antioxidants; including beta-sitosterol (anti-inflammatory agent) and beta-carotene (eyesight). Since the majority of diseases can be attributed to inflammation in some form or other, anti-inflammatory antioxidants can potentially play a very significant role in long term health and wellness.