Reishi Mushroom

Dehydrated Reishi Mushroom: The sixth ingredient in our holistic formula is reishi mushroom powder. Reishi is hailed as the power mushroom and often referred to as the mushroom of immortality and is an especially ideal ingredient for promoting optimal long term health and wellness. It promotes health and longevity in many ways. So whether your beloved pet is two or ten years old, they can live as healthy and happy a life as possible. Reishi supports heart health by improving the blood oxygen supply. It also helps to control allergies by preventing histamines that cause allergies and modulate the immune response. Last but not least for the senior dog, reishi slows aging by reducing aging symptoms including cognitive issues (mental status and acuity), arthritis and declining immunity. Reishi mushrooms are particularly good for pets experiencing chronic degenerative processes, weakened immune systems, liver disfunction, heart or kidney system decline and general weakness.

Reishi: The Dog Magic Mushroom